The Vision and the Journey~

Our message is Dance Passionately, Create Unlimited, Body yourself worth, Acceptance through mind & Action. The DCBA Convention is an annual Dance/Creativity event based around Body and Self Acceptance.


  We celebrate true body acceptance. There is no flaw in one’s self - your body is your temple.  Everyone has curves and those curves are part of you: whether you think you have too thin legs, or a thick waist, or that curl to your hair that won’t behave, or an eyebrow that is a bit higher than the other - these are not flaws at D.C.B.A.  We rejoice in all body types; through dance and body movement. We share and build a home of confidence for our sisters and brothers and all their shapes, sizes, societies, and perceived flaws.  At D.C.B.A we believe that dance is for everyone.  


D.C.B.A. Dance, Creativity, Body  Acceptance Convention is about Expressing Body acceptance/ Self acceptance through the performing arts, creativity, body knowledge and acceptance  In today's world it is very important that we spread the word about size acceptance and body acceptance in as many ways as possible. DCBA is a dance/acceptance convention that caters to the curvy body shape, the every body shape, we welcome all sizes (meaning we will have things for everyone). We will have Vendors that carry sizes for every body type, Instructors of every size that understand every figure. Our statement is Love the beautiful you, share who you are through the expression of dance. DCBA is making a big step in the body acceptance/self acceptance bringing you amazing dance workshops, Creativity workshops, Body knowledge workshops, motivational workshops, shows and so much more. 


A Message about Body Acceptance

Body acceptance is about accepting your body the way it is or the way "you" want it to be...
It means never let someone else tell you who you are or who you want to be.
Body acceptance does not mean you can not make a body change based on your own wants...It means love yourself as you are or who you want to be. It's ok to stay that size 22 just like it's ok to become a size 4, and already be a size 10.
In the Body acceptance movement we talk about many body acceptance issues which include but not limited to Hair type, eye color, skin type and more...
 Point is Love yourself 

Rock your Dance, Creativity, and Body to the World
Director of D.C.B.A Convention



How the Vision of D.C.B.A was born and then realized;


In 2006 Yasaman Vrd'dhi started her dance company "Wild Belly".  She began taking on more students and performing professionally in her state, followed by putting videos on the Internet sharing her dance with the world and that's when she also realized how cruel people could be about a full figured  Dancer or just a full figured woman. Yasaman received down right mean comments about her body size and then she would receive comments that other women and girls were inspired by her performances and videos as well.

 it was then Yasaman knew she wanted to Inspire more women, girls, men and boys to love themselves as they are or wanted to be. In 2012 Yasaman's event "Dark Shimmies" came to life with the message that the event was in support of "Body Image" Yasaman had performs of ever size dancing and the message was clear, bringing creativity to the stage with every kind of body size was the first step, 2013 Dark Shimmies had vendors, workshops and performances, with instructors that had full figures, vendors that carried different sizes, the dream was well on its way.


During the 2nd annual Dark Shimmies Yasaman partnered with a Dancer from MI to have the first "Plus size belly dancer convention" when Yasaman joined as a "co-director" of the planned convention (The convention later took on the name Dangerous Curves: Plus size belly dance convention, because there was a dislike for the name by the public whom would be attending, they were asked and many names were thrown around in the end Yasaman and the other director decided on the name.) She came in with the mission to make the world pay attention and gave her all by organizing Instructors, vendors, scheduling,Re-designing the website, building accounts and more, after the event was over the "Director" and Yasaman decided and announced that the convention would be coming to Maryland, Yasaman's state (As the first one was located in MI). Do to different Visions and irreconcilable differences Yasaman and the Director of the plus size belly dance convention split, though the convention for 2015 was well underway there was nothing to be done but to move forward and so "DCBA Convention was born, This convention is like no other the mission and the vision is the first of it's kind join us and be a part of something Bigger.

Welcome to DCBA

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