Sunday Workshops

Fun with Folkloric Dance All The Feels:

Acting Technique For Performers Of Any Discipline -  Jessica Crowe is well known for her work onstage.  Whether you are an actor/actress, a dancer, or another type of performer entirely, learning good acting technique will enhance your performances onstage.  In this workshop, Jessica will share 15 years of experience as a character actress and director to help you find that "it" factor that makes the audience remember you long after the stage lights go down.  Using a mixture of traditional theatre games and a breakdown of classic acting techniques, you will learn how to become an effective storyteller no matter what story you are telling.  You will explore movements to release tension before going on under the big lights, as well as how to breakdown a character in depth to get the most out of telling their story, even if the character is you!  Character strengths versus vulnerabilities, their arc throughout a piece, their history, and their objectives will all be explored to create performances that pop under any circumstance.  Come with an open mind ready to play!

Martial Belly- Mix of Martial arts and Belly dance   Ever had that creepy feeling? or an audience member who just is to close? This workshop is to facilitate failing the Victim Interview, preparing for optimal situation outcomes, Apply your dance techniques in a defensive way to use on and off stage.  

Ballet For Bellydance
Need help with turns? Not certain what good poses are? Not sure what to do with your arms or hands? This informative class will introduce some basic ballet tech to improve your bellydance with brief drill and simple choreography. 

What you will need: comfortable clothing, no shoes required .

Luscious Layering
Explore all the ways that we can add layering in our belly dance. Learn the varieties of ways that we can layer and explore these movements to create dynamic and interesting belly dance performances.

Moulin Rouge - a Bellydance Cabaret Fusion Choreography

Get ready to strut your stuff to Tango de Roxanne in a sassy new belly dance choreography inspired by the Moulin Rouge! 

Sensual, powerful and dynamic, this fusion class features cabaret Belly dance fundamentals, layers, turns and isolation's, with some fancy tango inspired footwork.  Set to a dramatic score, dancers will embody the raw and beautiful power of the music, floating along with violins and haunting voices, embracing their inner divas!

Designed for dancers with some Belly dance experience or dedicated dancers of other styles.

Irie Tribal Stylizations 
The Sideswiped, Cephalopod, Flamenco Flip, and The Sunanda Flip are just a few of the innovative variations that Irie is here to bring to you! Together we will dive into the world of Irie Tribal Sylizations with Fun and creative twist on our most beloved ATS® movements! You will be taught the easy to follow cues and footwork that make these movements fit flawlessly in to any ATS® set.

Knowledge of FCBD® Vol. 1-7 is required and the willingness to realize the space in your ATS® Box is limitless and ready to be explored! **This workshop is geared toward intermediate & advanced dancers

Sunday Lecture/Lunch
With Suffiya: Topic- Fraternal Twins - Belly dance and Burlesque   Celebrate the differences and similarities of these 2 american art forms with origins from foreign lands  Where do they originate? How did American change the original art? What are the similarities? differences? Dispelling myth and illusions while graciously knowing the respectful boundaries  Discussion and demonstration

Sunday Lecture/Lunch
With Scheherazade (Lucy Smith): Topic to be announced


“Intro to Traditional Bachata” 

learn to dance Bachata, a Latin dance that originated in the island the Dominican Republic. We will go over the basic footwork steps, turns and combinations.

Impressive Expression
Build your storytelling options!   
In this workshop we will explore how inflection, emotion, speed and accents can turn a choreography into a performance. Using a short choreography with 2 different versions of the same song we will experiment how small changes can tell a drastically different story. Build your storytelling options!

Fabulous Floor Work: Let's revive the dying art of floor work!  Rubia will take you through basic moves and conditioning exercises, so you can move on to more advanced moves.  We will combine these moves into a short choreography. Please bring knees pads and/or a yoga mat.

Totally Technique
Belly dance A-Z. In this workshop we will explore the essentials of belly dance from the ground up, starting with foot work and working on technique, isolation's and polishing accent movements. Take-home handouts will help dancers take these essential tools of technique into their daily practice.

From the Idea to the Page:

How to Begin Your Writing Process. In this workshop I will teach the participants how to move forward with the book/novel/story idea that has been in their heads and get the keyboard humming to make it go from the dream to reality. Anyone can take this workshop 16 and above. No experience necessary.

 Heels for Anybody- from 1" to Stilettos  

Want to change your dance perspective? If you can dance on your toes, Try in Heels.  Releve and Join us in Heels class topics to be covered posture changes, strengthening, shoe choices, techniques and combos used in a short choreography. Must bring own shoes How high the heel is up to you

Dynamic Duets~ The Power of 2

This class will we will cover not only how to execute our ATS® duet passes with style and grace, but how to truly put on a show that will showcase the connection with you and your dance partner. Interacting with your fellow dancers is an art and a skill that can be improved and polished. Filling a performance with a Dynamic Exchange of energy and playfulness! With every Spin, Turn, Cross, Fade, and Flip, you and your audience are indeed in for a powerful display that can only come from a Dynamic Duet!

Class will be geared toward, but not limited to, ATS Level 2 and above.

Introduction to Metal Belly Dance
Have you wondered how does one belly dance to “Metal, Heavy Metal and or death metal” music? Let alone understanding what Metal Raqs is all about? Well in this workshop Yasaman Vrd’dhi a long time dancer and performer of Metal Belly dance fusion will teach you about metal music, how to connect with it in order to move with it. With Metal raqs it all starts with the music, Yasaman’s version incorporates metal stylization into costuming, demeanor and atmosphere. This workshop is for anyone with a open mind to learn something new and creative, we will take classical and fusion style belly dance moves as well as new creations by Yasaman Vrd’dhi. Bring a note book and wear comfortable clothing. WARNING some music may be loud, possibly have profanity and trigger base subject matters. Workshop for Intermediate – Advance dancers.

Turkish Romani Introduction/W Sassy Skirt And on

Discover the beautiful and powerful dances of the Turkish Romani people! Separate fact from fiction while learning the Karsilama rhythm, Romani 9/8, Agir Roman, plus Romani gestures, steps, footwork and combinations for this fun dance style! 

Sassy Skirts and Fancy Feet (can be an add on to Turkish/Romani Intro, or a separate workshop) 

Learn a fabulous fusion choreography of the Romani style with fun sassy skirt work! Though not traditional, the skirt has become a great friend to the 9/8 popularized in a fantasy fusion vocabulary! It's fun and dynamic, plus spinning 32 yard skirts is just awesome!

This class is open to all levels and dancers of any style who would like to try something out of the box. Be prepared to have your heart captured with the soulful music, fast feet, isolation's and skirty goodness!  Please bring a 25, 32 or full circle skirt to swish and swirl.

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