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Competition slots are 4 minutes in length for Soloist and upto 6 minutes for Duo/Troupe. Please plan your time accordingly, your time can not be over 4 mintues for Soloist and not over 6 minutes for Duo/troupe. Please bring your music on 2 CDs on different brand CD's. Please turn your music in when you arrive at the event at the registration table, there will be a sign that says "Competition sign in". Those who apply first perform later in the line up, please keep that in mind. Must be 16 years of Age and older to enter.

There is one Competition Catogory: must have at least 4 years of dance training and performance experience to apply


Awards: Title,Certifcate and a chance to teach at DCBA DangerousCurves convention in 2016, a 5 year membership to the DC & BA Club, and free advertisment on the Dangerous Curves website with your title, Website link and Bio as well as mentoring on your dance.


The Competition is a mixed style competition as of Jun 12th, for time purposes and other scheduling reasons, no need to worry each participate will be judged fairly as the judging will be based to technique and the dancer not based to your style, the judges are a mixed style panel and will judge fairly. Thank you to those who have applied. see you at the competition.


Winner of the 2015 Competition

Curves Raqs Belly Dancer of the Year



There is a $40 Application fee for entering, space is limited for competition, once space is filled you will no longer be able to enter. Pay through the paypal link( if you would like to pay by check please e-mail tilte of e-mail "Dance Competition"), and then fill out the form below and press the send button, Thank you!




Curves Raqs Belly

              Dancer of the Year:                          


Classical style are as listed;

Egyptian (Raqs Sharqi, Raqs Baladi)

Turkish, Lebanese,American Cab etc.

Fusion Styles are listed

ATS, Tribal Fusion, Gothic Fusion,

Hip Hop Fusion,

Modern dance fusion,

Spanish Fusion Etc.



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