Saturday Workshops

Fun with Folkloric Dance
Get a taste of the joyous and earthy folkloric dances of Egypt in this exciting sampler! Experience the heart and soul of raqs sharqi through its roots in folkloric dance. Explore the movements and flavors of varying styles from different regions of Egypt, including Nubian, Saidi, Simsimiya, and Eskandarani.

Liquid Silver: Exploring The Element Of Water In Dance -  Luna Ketta is well-known for her incredibly fluid arm work in her performances.  In this workshop, she will break down her theory behind creating these seamless movements.  After a brief discussion on the sacred connection humans have to this element, Luna will discuss what transitions are, why they are so important in dance, and how to achieve them flawlessly.  This will be followed by learning her signature "waterfall" mini combo and her signature "liquid silver" combination that she uses for both dry land and water based performances.  As a bonus, she will talk a bit about what it is like to be a water performer and will do a demo in the hotel pool in her Mermaid tail after the workshop.

Fearless Zils: Don’t be shy, yes you CAN play zils. This class will help take the terror out of playing zils for those who have been previously zil-less and will provide a firmer foundation for those who already play zils to expand their skills.

I've Got 99 Problems and a Shimmy ain't One

The shimmy is a quintessential and defining part of belly dance and creates a dynamic and interesting performance. Lisa will cover a variety of shimmy technique, proper usage, creating variety, level changes, layering and more.


Join in the fun! This workshop will teach a small choreography & perform at the convention. Perfect for those who have never bellydanced to the well versed performer. A convention T-shirt is provided when you register for this workshop. It is a part of your costume. Please indicate your size shirt when registering.  Performance TBA.

What you will need: A pair of black dance pants any style or solid black long dance skirt. Your favorite hip scarf. Any hairstyle/make up/jewelry of your choice.

Sword 2.0

Dance on the edge with Mavi, the maven of sword work. With individual instruction, friendly feedback, tips for crisp technique, and short sword combinations, this workshop offers something for all levels. Benefit from Mavi's sword-obsession, as she offers guidance in choosing a sword, blade care, and safety. Explore the concepts of battle, seduction, mystery, and amusement, using the blade as both centerpiece and partner in your dance. 

Holistic Hips - Let's Raq the Lower Half, combinations for drum solo.  Variations on shimmies and accents.  

Managing Performance Anxiety for Dancers

Transform your focus away from the continuum of negative performance pictures in your mind to beautiful, satisfying, and fulfilling dances where you can become one with the dance: where the dancer and the dance become a meditation.  No matter where you are in this process you can always improve your comfort level and your performance with simple, quick time-tested practices.
There is so much we love about dancing especially the way our body moves to the music, the beautiful costumes, the cheer of the audience, and the joy of the dance.  We picture our performance and how we ideally want it to look, feel, and sound.  But no matter who we are or how many times we have performed, those ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) can trigger anxious feelings that can make us wonder if we will perform the way we hope to. Thoughts can wander into our consciousness like: What if I forget the choreography; What if my knees shake; What if my costume malfunctions; What if people don’t really like my dance or the way I look; Will I get so scared that I freeze on stage and embarrass myself; How do I stop feeling anxious or freaking out?
In this workshop, you will have the opportunity in an atmosphere of fun and comradery, to understand the triggers that can precipitate performance anxiety/stage fright and learn how to manage your thoughts that can cause fearful emotions and uncomfortable body sensations.  You can share as a group in the experience of identifying common ANTS and try out a variety of evidence-based techniques that can shift you away from the path that leads to the flight/fright/freeze downward spiral toward the path of acceptance, awareness, mindfulness, and calmness that engages the audience to experience the joy with you.
Be the Dance!

Light Up The Stage: 

Find yourself staring at your feet as you perform?  Shrinking away from the audience? Just going through the steps?  In this workshop, we will be looking at how to shape your dance persona as a confident performer and "sell" your dance to the audience. We will cover how to be a more expressive dancer, how to interact with your audience, and most importantly how to get past stage fright.  Bring a notebook!

Saturday Lecture/Lunch
Body Image Lecture with Lisa Zahiya Celebrate your body, Celebrate yourself. Why it will change your life to love your body.

ATS® Basics and Beyond – Why we Fell in Love with Classic ATS®

Whether you are New to ATS or a Pro, this class is the perfect opportunity to Review and Refine Technique. Revisiting the Fundamentals helps reinforce ATS® posture, angle, technique, and control of the basic fast moves as well as basic slow to take your performance to a whole new level. We will drill the fundamentals throughout the class to help get them in to our muscle

memories! Together will be reaching deep into our ATS® Classic Vocabulary to see where it all began! Along with learning some dynamic steps, we will work on Formations and have some fun putting our movements together to create a fluid conversation!  Be prepared for a lot of drilling, zilling, and fun!

Class Level: Beginner

Dancing with a Live Band. 

Have you ever wanted to add more excitement to your dance, maybe even a touch of danger? Ever look at someone dancing to live music and wonder "Why?" Join Jacqui and Tari Lagru in discussions, demonstrations and role-playing exercises to get you comfortable with this lively and exciting skill!

Burlesque- More than just the Reveal  What it is? What it is not and Shake what you got!

Release your inner Sass while exploring the use of classic props, moves, styles, costumes and presentation a partial number will be taught. Limited props will be available to use

“Salsa Flamenca Fusion”

This workshop is a fusion between Salsa & Flamenco. We will learn Flamenco basics and styling to incorporate into the basic Salsa Rhythm.

Tools for Taqsim
In these solo improvised sections in classical Arabic music, the dancer uses slow, fluid transitions to swell into the movements of a single instrument like the accordion, oud, or qanoon, or vocal improvisations known as mawal. Leilah’s strong abdominal techniques, attention to pauses and breath, and knowledge of dance aesthetic will assist you in creating luscious, emotional movement that accentuates the music. Suggestions and exercises for how and when to approach taqsim in the context of the music will also be explored. Is the dancer making the music play or is the music making the dancer move? Make your movement so fluid that your audience can’t tell the difference with these tools and tricks!

Get Cheeky with Movement

The audience isn’t the only one to be entertained during a performance. The performer can be entertained too! Learn how to create and use subtle and not so subtle cues and movements during performances. Well placed glances and direct pointing can bring a new element to any performance.

Double the Veil – Double the Fun!
A lesson designed to demystify the use of double veil. Multiple types of fabric can be used for double veil work, however, Amustela will concentrate on the use of semi-circular silk veils in this class. Elements such as how to wrap, unwrap, managing the flow and speed, basic shapes, spins/turns and "Double Veil Personality" will be explored. 

Expressive Arms & Face
Don't know what to do with your arms when dancing? Tired of the same old snake arms? There are so many arm movements you can incorporate into your dance, and Yasaman is going to share her knowledge from her dance journey on just that. Learn new arm variations, arm moves from other dance styles that enhance your dance. The Face is one of the most powerful tools in dance, learn how to express your emotion and grab your audience with just a glance. Combos with arms, hands and face will be taught. Bring a notebook and dress comfortable. Let's have expressive Fun!!

Layering, Positioning and Embellishing-

Learn the secrets to using only 3-4 steps to create a dynamite performance.  We will focus on specific steps and movements that lend themselves to layering, embellishment and positioning to create unique and various patterns and looks. 

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