Improv to Musicality: Dominating Your Creation 



In this 4 hr Intensive Yasaman Vrd’dhi will teach you how to dominate your creativity . You will learn how to improv, the art of creating a performance on the stage, you will also walk away understanding music by sound and pattern. Yasaman is known for her Improv performances, she will teach you how to connect with your music, how to give an amazing improv performance.This workshop is for intermediate Beginners-Advance. 


The Mini Intensive will be broken down into four sections, 1. Structure 2.Jumpstart your musical ear 3. Inner Practice 4.Let’s take a ride.


Improv to Musicality Mini Intensive

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  • This is a fundraiser event, you are able to sell your space but you can not get a refund from DCBA.

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