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DCBA is truly a magical one of a kind event, it has changed how I view Dance Conventions. The place that you feel accepted and positive when attending or partaking of the festivities! Everyone is so inviting and welcoming, you really need to experience it for yourself. I love this event!
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This group and that weekend enabled me to have confidence to dance in front of an audience, to make new friends, and feed my hunger to learn new dance techniques in a atmosphere of support and mutual love of the dance!!!
Jan Bienz

The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, everyone is included. Great variety of workshops, vendors and performers. The organizers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
LULU Oliver~

Such a wonderful, warm and welcoming event. Everyone is so great! I love DCBA!!
Amy Kirwan~

Fabulous! Loved it & hope to come back!! 💜🖤💜Very welcoming,creative,honest and fun!!

Everyone was warm and friendly at this belly dance convention. I loved all the workshops I took. The instructors were very informative and down to earth and inclusive. It made me feel capable (totally put me in for the next hafla) and part of something awesome.
Alexandra Shilling~


DCBA welcomes everyone from all walks of life with open arms. They encourage you to come & express yourself through this beautiful art form of belly dance & accept you no matter your age, size, shape or color. They are true cheerleaders.I have made so many acquaintances through attending DCBA’s events.You are like family! ❤️
Faraday Abdul-Latif~


Lucy Smith

I love the relaxed warm welcoming feel of the event.


I had a great time and enjoyed the supportive energy!!!Coming from Norway with not much performance experience I was welcomed warmly and the other dancers that I did have the pleasure of speaking to were very kind and open, in addition to being beautiful dancers ♡

Najla Nefersitra
The event is fun, nonjudgmental, and safe like family. Could not ask for anything more.
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